With self-start two-wheelers becoming a norm, battery health has become a major concern for owners. As we know, battery performance decreases over time. So, two-wheeler owners need to be careful about battery maintenance and replacement to keep the vehicle functional.

Here are a few tips from LivFast that can prolong the life of your two-wheeler battery.

  1. Do Not Overload: Two-wheeler accessories such as lights and horn modifications require battery power to run. The more accessories you attach to your two-wheeler, the more power it will need from the battery. Overloading the battery will result in quick deterioration of charge and will eventually leave you with a dead battery. So, make sure that the accessories you buy are rated within your two-wheeler’s battery capacity.
  2. Prevent Wiring Faults: Wiring in two-wheelers if often not covered under the body, this may lead to damage and hence result in wiring faults. Also, loose wires from a broken indicator light can also result in wiring faults. This can cause damage to the battery and other electronic components of your vehicle.
  3. Disconnect When Not in Use: If you are not planning to use your two-wheeler for some time in the future, then it is best that you disconnect the battery to avoid power loss. Also, store the disconnected battery in a warm and dry place as leaving the battery in a cold place causes power loss – which we usually witness in self-starting vehicles during winter months.
  4. Check for Degradation: While a cold engine may require several attempts to start, especially in cold weather conditions, if the battery still fails to start the vehicle, then check for signs of degradation. The battery might be nearing the end of its specified life and may need replacement.

These measures will help you get the most out of your two-wheeler battery. However, if your battery is beyond these repair and maintenance measures, then it is time to get a new one. LivFast offers zero maintenance two-wheeler batteries built for powerful rides and tough roads. To know more, visit www.livfast.in